Character Creation

To determine your abilities, we are using the point buy system, with 20 points. We'll be starting at 4th level, so that your characters have had enough experience to attract attention.

Available Classes

All Paizo classes (and third party with DM approval) are available, however, please keep in mind that the Outer Planes are currently disconnected from the Inner Planes, meaning that deities have no power in the Material Plane. If you play a cleric, paladin, or oracle, your deity will not be able to give you abilities, so if you want to play one of those classes, you'll have to make them work without a deity.

Available Races

Any race, Paizo or third party, is allowed, as long as its RP is 15 or below.

Creating a Backstory

You are in the World of Calleria, which has four continents and several known island nations. Race relations are similar to Golarion. Magic is not common, but colleges and communities exist in every nation. As mention before, the Outer Planes have been disconnected from the Inner Planes. Religion is still prominent, but the gods have not been active in Calleria for hundreds of years.



Character Creation

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